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I go to the ohio state university

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Patrice Bergeron lifting hugging Johnny Boychuk

Patrice Bergeron lifting hugging Johnny Boychuk

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HenKing Queue (1/∞)

Patrick Kane playing for Milli Vanilli [x]

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Craig Adams, his wife Anne, his son Rhys, his daughter Frankie, and his nephew Gabriel are raising awareness for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and implore fellow teammates to accept the challenge.

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A question I often get  from my tumblr female friends who are hockey fans is about being disrespected by the hockey fan guys. They are full of BS, unkind and inappropriate. Take my advice, do what I would do when I get disrespected,  ignore it. It is your reality, own it, and enjoy your experience. The only person you are trying to make happy is yourself. 

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Every Canucks jersey combined into 1 disgusting nightmare sweater

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when the canucks win the cup give this to kesler

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